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Why do we build Composite Sunrooms?

Well, as you know, there is nothing quite like a beautiful, window-filled sunroom, but year-round comfort can be difficult and costly to obtain during a hot, Texas Summer!

Even a conventionally-built brick home can be expensive to keep cool and a conventionally-built sunroom can be even worse.
To properly design, insulate and construct a new, conventional sunroom addition with superior-quality glass, vaulted ceilings, A/C & heat, a new, engineered foundation, flooring, painting, siding, roofing, lighting, etc. is a big project!
They are extremely expensive, and your house can be a construction site for months on end.

Not Anymore!

At Texas Rooms And Windows, we have finally managed to bring you the beauty, class, comfort and lifestyle of a premium, custom-quality, Sunroom Addition without all the hassles of conventional construction.

And by the way, I'm not talking about those hot, drafty, all aluminum things you and/or your parents had in the 1950s-'70s or the cheap, plastic-wrapped aluminum things either.

That is what ALL the other companies have to offer, and when I say cheap, I don't mean the cost!

Until now we have had to use all those same materials to build rooms and they are expensive.
And no matter how hard I've tried (and the other guys are still trying) to dress them up with great designs, thermally-broken frames, and upgraded glass, etc. none of us have ever been able to make them into anything other than what they really are...hot, drafty, expensive, aluminum boxes with a lot of glass and screws.
Sunrooms have been one of my passions and specialties for almost 15years and except for one or two special jobs, I actually tried to quit selling them a few years ago.
I was sick of having to raise my prices and work twice as hard to give my customers a truly unique and comfortable sunroom that didn't look like it belonged in a 70's trailer park.

Like I said...Not Anymore!

"The 70's Called... They Want Their Aluminum Sunroom back!"

For the first and only time in Texas, we'd like to introduce to you the Vinyl-Wood Composite CROWN SUPPERROOM from our Exclusive Texas Dealership of: Crown Sunrooms and Windows.

These rooms are truly unique and amazing! They are a true Four Season, Sun Space Addition. They are designed, permitted and built as "Habitable Structures" and they average 25% to 40% better than EPA required energy codes!
Our Crown Super Rooms are the ONLY Sunroom Additions in texas to use this Patented Vinyl-Wood Composite for all Wall Framing and Real, Premium Replacement Quality Windows from Floor to ceiling.
This means you have all the Benefits, Efficiency, and Maintenance-Freedom of Vinyl while maintaining the Class, Beauty, Strength and feel of Quality Hardwoods.

For the about the same price as (oftentimes less than!) those other guy's Over-priced, Hot, 3 Season, Aluminum Sun Rooms.

**NOTE** Make NO mistake! ALL Aluminum Frame rooms are 3 Season, recreational Use only Patio Rooms! **NOTE**
You can put all the thermal breaks and upgraded glass packages you want into those aluminum frames, but they will ALWAYS be 10% to 50% WORSE than EPA "Res-Check" requirements for Habitable structures.
(If someone is telling you anything different, just ask them to put in writing in their contract that they will permit your room as a Habitable Structure AND that they will provide ResCheck Compliance certificate from a 3rd Party Energy Inspector AND Hold them to it!...They shouldn't mind unless they are telling you NOT to get a permit, in which case you should show them the front door!)

Chart Showing Energy Losses Through Various Sunroom & Window Materials
Click to see larger and additonal Charts and Graphs

Once again, If you a looking for an affordable and much better option than either Conventional Construction or the Inefficient aluminum technolgy from the 1970s...

Our Crown Composite SuperRooms offer you:

-Full, year-round comfort and energy efficiency that is truly as good as or better than your existing home.

-NO visible screws or fasteners on your walls or around your windows...(NONE). Only beautiful, finished trim and moldings.

-Real house windows and doors! These are the exact same windows that we offer in our Custom Replacement Window line of products. ( U factors, R values AND COMFORT that is/are the best on the market. Period)

-Vinyl polymer & real wood Composite that is maintenance-free and has the warm look and classy feel of freshly painted wood...for a lifetime.

-Construction time that is approx. 70% less than conventional construction and because our rooms are actually coded as year-round room additions with full A/C and electrical packages they have a Return on Investment that is substantially higher than any other sunroom available in Texas.

-Only a much more expensive, luxury room addition or Premium Hardwood Conservatory can match the beauty and comfort of our Crown SuperRooms.

-The Best Part... Prices for Premium, LOADED, 4 Season, Studio Composite Super Rooms Start at only $19,740.00! Prices include: 3D design drawings, CADs and Engineering, Permits a Res Check; Std. Electrical Package; Premium RLE 71/38 heat-reflective Glass Package, Good Housekeeping Approved HealthSmart Vinyl Windows & Prime, Full-View Glass, Insulated Entry Door; Gutters & Downspouts; Installation of Owner-Supplied Ceiling Fan; Full, Lifetime, Transferable Warranties, Low Price Assurance Guarantee, Money Back Guarantee, Return On Investment Guarantee;
And Finally...The Satisfaction of enjoying a new, beautiful, comfortable, family/relaxation room in about 8 weeks!

Ok, One more time... That's only about $20 grand or approx. $178.00/month*....

Add on an extra patio, go all out with a HUGE room w/ custom gable, skylights, brick kneewalls, etc... Those can easily be as low as $30 to $40 Thousand or $250 to $350/month*...

What are you waiting for????

-The features go on and on, please read more in our free Sun Spaces Buyer's Guides by clicking below or CALL US NOW for a FREE, NO PRESSURE, Professional, In-Home Design Consultation. Call Now 1-800-798-1643. or click below.

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*Some Conditions apply to pricing and payment terms. All prices, sizes, and necessary options for your specific home and conditions will be thoroughly explained to you by one of our Professional Designers. "Ballpark" and "Starting" prices were based on features, pricing, availability and discounts available as of 12-01-2007 and are subject to change at any time.*
If you have any specific questions about conditions or availability, please feel free to call me at 214-295-4369. Thank you for your interest! Sincerely, Rick Hubbard - Sr. Design Consultant - Texas Rooms And Windows, LLC*

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