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Studio-Style Sunrooms

Sunrooms that have a nearly flat or shed style roof are usually called Studio rooms. In general, these are the easiest and least expensive to build. We use a Structurally Insulated Panel (SIP) Roof system that allows to create a very flat, and efficient roof without having to create an extra attic space above rooms.

Below are a few examples...

Studio sunroom design drawing and after pictures...
(Click on images for larger view in separate window.)

Design drawing of Studio sunroom      Sudio sunroom after picture w/ all glass walls
Above are pictures of the exterior of a custom, studio sunroom w/ all glass walls. This room has insulated walls and roof w/ glass transoms above an below the windows...

interior view of sunroom w/ breakthrough from main living area      Studio Roof Sunroom -Interior view
These are views of the interior of the same sunroom showing the entry way from the main living room.
The walls and window frames used for this sunroom are insulated vinyl and vinyl-wood composite w/ state-of-the-art, heat-reflective glass that allows us to open the room to the main home.

Sunroom with eaves cut back to allow for taller ceiling     
This is a picture of the interior of the sunroom showing how we finished out the walls after cutting the eaves off of the house and added a new a/c register and duct to heat/cool the room. We soemtimes cut the eaves off of the home to allow for a taller ceiling in the sunroom or to give the rooms a more finished appearance.

**Note** You should always be very careful if you are going to breakthrough a wall and share climate w/ your main home!  This can only be done if the sunroom you're using is EXTREMELY enegry-efficient and passes all Enegy Code Requirements (Res-Check).

More Sunroom pictures below...

Studio style sunrooms are especially well suited for additions to single-story homes. With any type of conventionally built roof system you would have to design a much steeper slope.
Single-story homes typically do not have sufficient height to attach a conventionally-built roof without building the roof far up into your existing home which is a LOT more expensive and time-consuming if it is done correctly. If it is NOT done incorrectly, there is a huge potential for leaks!

These roofs can be very energy efficient and cost effective way to add a great room to any home.

Scroll Down for more examples of Studio style Sunrooms...

Studio sunroom w/ additional patio cover...
(Click on images for larger view in separate window.)
      Sudio sunroom after picture w/ all glass walls
Above are pictures of the exterior of a custom, studio sunroom w/ and additional patio cover. This room has insulated walls and roof w/ solid, insulated walls above an below the windows...

Sunroom wall w/ studio roof      Large studio sunroom w/ glass transom windows and solid insulated kneewall
These remaining pictures are of various, studio style sunrooms so you can get an idea of the different options and plans available...

all glass sunroom w/ glass knee wall and brick foundation     custom studio sunroom on raised, insulated deck
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